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Daily Bank Feeds and Automatic Receipt Matching with Zetadocs Expenses

Corporate credit cards are a convenient way for employees to incur their business related expenses, but the task of then justifying and recording this expenditure with the related receipts can be a headache for both the cardholders and finance teams.  

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Cardholders can struggle with keeping track of their various receipts and to find the time to manually record and justify their purchases every month. Finance teams have the ongoing task of reconciling credit card statements, ensuring all the transactions are approved and recorded accurately along with the receipts – a very time consuming process when done manually.  

Captured receipts automatically matched to card payments 

Zetadocs Expenses, a comprehensive expense management solution designed for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, eases the whole process of managing corporate credit expenses, with features that include: 

  • Daily bank feeds – to automatically import card payments meaning they are quickly visible to cardholders for submitting their expenses, with no manual action needed by finance teams to upload these transactions. 
  • Easy receipt capture - photograph receipts using the phone app, which Zetadocs Expenses then analyzes to extract information (e.g. the vendor, amount, date and tax) before creating a new expense with the key information populated and the receipt attached automatically, with no manual rekeying of the receipt information needed. 
  • Automatic matching of receipts and payments - cardholders can capture their receipts using Zetadocs Expenses at their convenience, knowing that Zetadocs will then link the expense receipt to the relevant payment transaction automatically.  

Benefits for both cardholders and finance teams

  • Time savingsNo need to manually rekey receipt data or manually import monthly bank statements. Plus no need to manually match expenses to credit card payments – accelerating the statement reconciliation process, which can focus on those unmatched exceptions only rather than go line-by-line.  
  • Convenience: Easy and quick to capture receipts and submit expenses – super important for corporate cardholders who often have little incentive to submit expenses on time where no reimbursement is due.
  • Accuracy: The automatic capture of receipt and credit card transaction data ensures the inevitable mistakes that occur with manual data entry are avoided, so that expenditure is always recorded accurately. 

How it works?

1. Create a new expense - the cardholder can choose how they do this: 

  • By uploading a new receipt – which Zetadocs Expenses then analyzes, using smart OCR technology, to extract the receipt information and create a new draft expense automatically. 
  • By selecting a card payment – which Zetadocs Expenses will then use to create and populate a new draft expense, and the cardholder then needs to attach the relevant receipt.

2. Expense is matched to a payment automatically - which happens immediately if the payment is already available, otherwise it will happen later at the point when the transaction is imported as a new payment (via the bank feed, or a manual upload of the monthly statement if using that option instead). 

3. Sumbit for approval - the cardholder can add additional information to the expense if they wish, such as a note to justify the expense and then bulk select all their expenses to add to an expense report (including any other reimbursable expenses they may have such as mileage and daily allowances) and submit for approval.

4. Export to Business Central - approved expenses are exported automatically, all coded with the correct GL account, tax code, dimensions etc.  

5. Bank statement reconciliation - this can be done within Zetadocs Expenses using a Payment Card Report, which separates out those expenses that haven’t yet been matched to an approved expense. Alternatively, the reconciliation can be done in Business Central, in which case Zetadocs Expenses will export approved expense reports directly to a Business Central Journal with the balancing account set as a bank account, GL account or vendor.  Equisys image

Want to find our more?

If you would like to know more about Zetadocs Expenses, please browse their website or Microsoft AppSource for more information.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Innovia Customer Success Manager if you would like to know more and discuss your requirements further.  

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