Parenting In the Digital Age

Posted by: Jeffrey Pergolski

As an IT professional with years of experience I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of technology.  As a dad with three kids I feel like my grasp of parenting is less firm, but that is a topic for another day.  I have always been the one my kids come to when their laptops weren’t behaving, or their tablets couldn’t connect to the internet, or their phones couldn’t download an app, or the latest Xbox update wasn’t downloading…….you get the idea.  In my opinion, my kids have benefitted greatly from my technical skills.  I’m sure that statement would draw multiple eye rolls from my kids but it’s the truth.  Unfortunately for my kids, my expertise in technology can be a double-edged sword for them.  I know how to turn off wifi for a misbehaving child by blocking their device’s MAC address on our router and I know how to monitor their digital footprint on the internet. I take advantage of location services to verify they are where they said they would be and when they said they would be. So my technical expertise can also be annoying to them.  The following is one of those annoying, if not entertaining, times.

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