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Produce Multi-Format Training Resources Quickly and Easily

ClickLearn automates the process of creating documentation and training materials for business software. ClickLearn is the only digital adoption solution that offers more than just in-app guidance. ClickLearn not only guides your users from within their business systems but also ensures effective learning through seven formats and strong multilanguage features.

The process is simple: you just click through your processes and ClickLearn records your actions. When these are recorded, ClickLearn automatically delivers the resulting content in these 7 different formats that you can use in any training situation:

  • Step-by-step instructions in HTML for posting online
  • Step-by-step instructions in Word and PDF
  • PowerPoint slides for classroom training
  • A digitally narrated presentation video
  • Try-me and Test-me interactive videos
  • An in-app assistant to help your users carry out tasks in their live system

With automated written and narrated support in more than 40 languages, onboarding and learning materials created with ClickLearn are always ready to take to the world stage.

With ClickLearn, you never have to re-record training content because of software updates or rapid release cycles. The Replay feature automatically updates all your created content and retakes your screenshots to reflect any changes to your D365 or NAV solution – ensuring that your content is always kept current and compliant.

Convinced? You can estimate your subscription price using ClickLearn's pricing calculator.

Nonprofit organizations can enjoy a 25% discount on their subscriptions.

Ready to see these solutions in action? Contact your Innovia Customer Success Manager to see a demo of all ClickLearn has to offer. Don't have a CSM? Email us at sales@innovia.com or call 800-834-7700 to get started.