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Solutions for your Business Central System

Get more out of your Business Central system with these add-on Solutions from SimCrest


Auto Email

Auto Email is simple to use and saves you and your employees a lot of time processing emails from inside of Business Central.

Auto Email is a solution that makes it effortless to send out emails and at the same time release the user immediately even when sending 1000s of emails. The solution uses an email log to place all the emails in and let the App do the rest of the work. Auto Email can also be set to automatically email invoices, credit memos, and shipments as they are being posted.

For accounts receivable, Auto Email can send customer statements and collection notices with all open and past due invoices and credit memos at a single click of a button.


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Product Configurator

The Product Configurator by SimCrest is simple to use and provides your organization employees build custom sales and product orders by using easy to follow questionnaires ensuring orders are complete and validated once the configuration is finished.

The Sales Configurator will guide your users through a questionnaire and allow the user to see the configurations during the entire process. Upon completion, the sales document is populated with the lines making up the configuration and pricing.

The Production Configurator will guide your users through a questionnaire similar to the Sales Configurator but will create a production Order from a line in the sales order. There are several choices when creating the Production Order (Planned, Firm-Planned, or Released). It is possible to create production orders from each line in the sales order. Assembly Bill of Materials are also supported if production orders are not needed for certain configurations.


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Cash Basis Accounting

SimCrest Cash Basis allows you to calculate your General Ledger using both Accrual (earned) and Cash Basis Accounting Principles (Cash Flow).
Easy to use and setup, the Cash Basis Accounting App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you the ability to add Cash Basis Accounting into your General Ledger and report your Income Statement and Balance Sheet in Cash or Accrual Basis!


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eBank Reconciliation

Reconciling your books to the bank statement can be a lot of time consuming work and frustration. It can be difficult to find and match the book entries to the bank statement, and making adjustments to your books can be a lot of going back and forth between the statement and the general ledger.

Our E-Bank Reconciliation App allows you to download the statement from the bank and automatically reconcile it against your books. E-Bank also easily allows you to reconcile the few bank entries that it couldn’t match using an intuitive interface and within a few clicks you have the entire reconciliation done.


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