Business Central Self Implementation with our Quick Start

Do you need training on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? With the Quick Start for Success training package our award winning consulting team will teach you everything you need to know so you can finish the implementation yourself. This 7 step process will guide you through the key areas of the Business Central SaaS system and give you the knowledge you need to use Business Central everyday.

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Training at a Glance

Our 7 step process is built for small to medium sized businesses that need assistance getting started but want to implement the software themselves. You will work with our experienced consulting team with years of experience helping business like yours learn how to use the software. We want you to learn quickly so you can accomplish your business goals as soon as possible. That is why this complete training package is scheduled for completion in 10 days. We also believe that the training should be affordable, that is why we have priced this training package at the low cost of $6995!


Business Central Quick Start Step 1

In the first step of our Quick Start we will introduce you to your project manager, lead consultant and support lead. In this initial meeting we will lay out the timeline for when the training will occur.


Business Central Quick Start Step 2

Step two is where we will help you get your Business Central SaaS system established so that the administrator of your account can assign user access. 


Business Central Quick Start Step 3

In the third step we hold a training call to help you learn how to set up your chart of accounts in Business Central SaaS.


Business Central Quick Start Step 4

In this step we provide overview training on this key reporting feature, how it is used within dynamics, and how to define global dimensions and dimension values


Business Central Quick Start Step 5

Step five is where we provide overview training on how posting groups function and how to define their use for your businesses unique needs.


Business Central Quick Start Step 6

In this step we will teach you how to set up one customer card which contains valuable information on your clients. One item card which contains key information on the attributes, manufacturing of and cost to make an item. And a vendor card which contains the information you need to have for your vendors.


Business Central Quick Start Step 7

In the final step we will help you setup a Sandbox company so that you can test any system changes before applying them to the live database.

*Please note if this project goes beyond the 6 week time frame of if additional time is requested this Quick Start engagement will end and additional consulting time will begin based off the standard Innovia Consulting rates. 


Need Additional Training? We Got Your Back!

In addition to the core Quick Start training package we have a wide assortment of a la carte options available. From additional training sessions to help you get more out of your system to packages where we assist in getting your system ready to go.  Learn more about our additional offerings in pages 2-4 of our Quick Start Brochure.

Additional Training Options

Need help in something that isn't listed as a training package? No problem, we offer training in an area of your choice. For 1 hour of training we charge $245. And for a half day (4 hour session) we charge a discounted rate of $750.


Ready to Get Started?

Follow the link below to access our Quick Start Training Package on AppSource. If you would like to learn more please reach out to us at or by calling (800)-834-7700.

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