Analyze Critical Data Access in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Fastpath Assure® provides a comprehensive audit solution to automate risk management and SOX compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC). Fastpath helps you answer these three critical questions:

  • Who has access to your D365BC data?
  • Where are the risks in their access?
  • What did users do with their access?


Access Review: Who has Access to Your Data in D365BC?

The Fastpath Assure Access Review module lets you report and sign-off on user access in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Understanding who has access to a company's sensitive data is fundamental to security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and it can be a challenge to review who has this sensitive access. Often companies need to sift through binders full of reports to narrow down specific areas of access.

Fastpath Assure eliminates that challenge and gives companies the power to easily focus their access reviews in Dynamics. By quickly analyzing who has access to critical data at a very granular level, companies can start to reduce the resources and time needed to conduct these reviews on a repeatable basis.

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Segregation of Duties: SoD for D365 Business Central

The Fastpath Assure Segregation of Duties (SoD) module assesses user access in D365BC and reports existing segregation of duties conflicts. When it comes to Dynamics 365 Business Central, understanding where you have risk is critical to maintaining a secure and compliant environment.

Sometimes that's easier said than done when utilizing native functionality. Companies need an easier, more comprehensive way to identify, document, and mitigate SoD conflicts in their ERP.

The Fastpath Assure SoD module gives companies the power to review conflicts with an out-of-the-box SoD ruleset based on industry standards and mapped specifically for D365BC. The fully customizable ruleset is automatically applied to analyze your company's unique environment, pinpointing exactly where your risks exist. Assure provides a platform for documenting mitigating controls to deliver the reports companies and auditors need to ensure a secure and compliant environment.

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Access Certification: Schedule reviews and Define Owners with Ease

The Access Certification module within Fastpath Assure® will allow you to schedule periodic reviews and sign-off of different types of access: Conflict, Role Assignment, Critical Access, Business Process, and Product access. The module will allow you to define owners of the access type for review and schedule reviews for both full access reviews and rolling access reviews.

  • 'Run Now' Capability - Ability to run a schedule on-demand from the 'Review Schedules' setup place. This will allow you to create reviews without having to wait until the next scheduled run time.
  • Delete Reviews - Ability to delete a review from the 'All Reviews' page. This will delete all of the review items included in this review
  • Export From All Reviews - Enhanced the Export of a review from the 'All Reviews' page to now include the Generated Date, Due Date, and Completed Date of the reviewers and review items.

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