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Power Up Series: Power Automate


Does your organization or department suffer from repetitive manual tasks that require too much time and resources? Save your team time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency with Microsoft’s Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Automate allows business professionals to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes using a drag-and-drop workflow interface. Microsoft Power Automate allows you to create workflows to sync data across apps and software, generate real-time notifications to alert stakeholders, update databases with new information and collect data from Power Apps or other data sources. The following topics will be covered in this webinar:

  • What is Power Automate?
  • What are the requirements for using Power Automate?
  • What are connectors?
  • How do you build a workflow?

By the end of this webinar, you will have a surface level of understanding that will enable you to create your very own Power Automate Flow. 

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About the Presenter

Galen Norman

Galen Norman

Application Consultant

Galen comes to Innovia with a background in project management in warehouse racking and material handling installation. As a project manager, he utilized Dynamics NAV for purchasing, revenue management, and trend recognition. His experience using NAV—and later Business Central—and other accounting tools and reports as a project manager led him to pursue an accounting degree. He looks forward to using his accounting education, project management experience, and positive attitude to achieve success as an application consultant. Prior to his experience in project management, Galen spent eight years in corrections, probation, and parole, and that experience fostered an unstoppable work ethic and passion for helping others.