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Sales Tax Play by Play: How to Tackle Economic Nexus with Your ERP

One year after the South Dakota vs. Wayfair ruling, sales tax has become more complex than ever before. Most states are now enforcing economic thresholds as well as physical presence nexus. This impacts even exempt sales in over 20 states. The rapid changes have created growing pains for both the states and businesses like yours.

How do you plan on keeping up-to-date on these remote selling challenges?

We brought in our partners at Avalara to share their expertise on:

  • What the ruling is and what to do as its impact on your business grows
  • How automating sales tax compliance can mitigate risk and in some situations, even be FREE
  • See a demo of key features that can help your business

You can’t afford to miss this free webinar! Join us for a Sales Tax Play by Play session with Avalara.

Presented by Larry Sheetz, Sales Executive @ Avalara