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Pivot Tables: Not as Difficult as They Seem!

How often do you use a Pivot Table? Everyone loves a good spreadsheet, and no matter how robust our ERP’s become we can not help ourselves from exporting to Microsoft Excel. 

Many of us create spreadsheets to sort and sift through the data to make daily business decisions, but most people don't take advantage of one of the most powerful functions in Excel: the Pivot Table. At first glance the Pivot Table seems intimidating and out of reach, Holly has good news for us! It's much easier than you may think.

Holly will show us how to export data from Business Central (NAV) to Excel and create a pivot table. She will also help us understand exactly what a pivot table is, why you might need to use one and walk you through the steps to create one. 

Presented by Holly Kutil, Service & Support Lead, Innovia Consulting