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How to Use Change Logs in Business Central

Interested in learning more about the Change Log for Business Central/ Microsoft Dynamics NAV?  This webinar covers a wide range of topics to help you understand how to use Change Log for your business. Topics include:

  • How to turn on the Change Log
  • How to decide which tables and fields to monitor
  • How to setup the Change Log to track these tables and fields
  • How you can track all fields or a selection of fields in a table
  • The different options available to track, insert, delete, and modify your Change Log
  • We show you how data is recorded in the Change Log
  • And how to analyze the records in the Change Log

One of the cool things about Change Log is that we can see what changes are recorded including what table and fields were changed, who made the change, when the change was made, and what the old/new values are.

Presented by Valerie Ingersoll, Senior Development Consultant, Innovia Consulting