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How to Launch Microsoft Teams Quickly for Remote Work Flexibility

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses around the world are swiftly transitioning to remote work for their employees. Microsoft Teams makes this transition less painful, and if you haven't already implemented it, Innovia and Microsoft are making it easy to get started.

In this webinar, Innovia's Microsoft licensing expert Jeff Pergolski will cover how you can get Microsoft Teams running for your employees as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. He will share with you how Innovia customers can take advantage of a special 6-month trial to help them get started during this challenging time with minimal up-front investment.

For those who have active Office 365 subscriptions but have never had workers use it, Jeff will also offer a brief demo of the product and point you toward excellent free resources to help IT departments and managers speed up user adoption.

Whether you've used Teams before or are finding yourself under pressure to make a quick transition, this is the webinar for you. Bring your questions, as we will end the session with a Q&A.