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Everyone Can Budget, Forecast, and Analyze Data with Business Central

The Analysis and Reporting features in Business Central provide non-finance users with tools to easily budget, forecast, and analyze data. For example, warehouse managers need information on inventory turnover, stock movement analysis and inventory value statistics. Likewise, Sales managers need to analyze turnover, gross profit, and other key sales performance indicators.

In this webinar, Senior Application Consultant Lisa Doran will show you to create customized reports based on posted transaction data such as sales, purchases, transfers, and inventory adjustments found in the ledger entries.

Personalized reports can be created to focus on key accounts in terms of:

  • Turnover in both amounts and quantities sold
  • Gross profit amount and percentage in the current month
  • Comparisons to previous months or prior years
  • Variances
You can even drill into the data on the actual transactions or incorporate Dimensions to gain even greater insight into your business.