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In October I decided to use Windows 365 as my desktop. If you haven’t seen this product, it is Microsoft’s hosted Windows product. The product can be run in a browser window or as an application on your existing PC (think remote desktop). The beauty of the product is it is a fully functional Windows operating system with all the features and functionality of your existing desktop system.

To sign up, search for “windows 365 signup”. From that site, it will walk you through the type of machine you need. Microsoft has done a nice job of helping you through the selection process by showing examples of a variety of users and what machine configuration will work best. All the monthly pricing is shown on the screen also. If you already have a company like Innovia that you are purchasing your office subscription through, you can simply work with them to purchase and configure the machine.

During my testing, I have used my Windows 365 on my Surface Pro, an Apple Mac, a Chrome book and my Android phone. In all cases, the experience was identical (but Windows on a 3-inch screen is a little tough). At first, I wondered about how well it would work in a browser window, except for a few minor issues, the experience was great. It used my Microsoft 365 account to attach Windows 365 to all my other office accounts including One drive and SharePoint. Innovia’s internal IT was able to easily add the machine to our domain, so I had access to all company resources.

While this is not a replacement for all your desktops, it certainly is far superior to the old Remote Desktop systems. The fact that it easily crosses hardware platforms makes it an ideal choice for those instances where you want inexpensive hardware out of the plant floor, the warehouse, or to supply to the seasonal and temporary help. Imagine only needing to buy a $350 Chrome book instead of a $1,500 laptop.

Microsoft continues to push the envelope for cloud-based connectivity. This is a great example of their drive to connect the world. All the subscriptions are month to month. The pricing starts very low and scales up as you build bigger machines. If you manage networks or are just looking for alternatives for hardware, take some time to look at this product. It is well worth your time.

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Best Regards,

Alan Wyne, CEO

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Alan Wyne
Innovia Training Workshops

Introduction to Finance in Business Central (NAV): Journal Entries

November 2 at 8 am CT | Virtual | $195 - Per Company

Have you been tasked with keeping track of journal entries in Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV but aren't sure how to begin? This introductory course is for you! Learn all about general journal entries, including how to handle post dates, account types, and much more. This two-hour training class is perfect for newcomers to BC/NAV or anyone wanting to review the fundamentals.

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The Beginners’ Guide to Power BI

November 17 at 8 am CT | Virtual | $195 - Per Company

Are you tired of data that is behind the times? Wish your reporting worked with real-time data feeds so it’s always up-to-date? If so, you’re looking for Power BI, and getting started with this powerful Microsoft tool is easier than you think.

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3 eShop eCommerce Solutions That Can Transform Your Business

eCommerce webstores have had great success in the 20th century, but not without their own challenges. Learn how Dynamics eShop can help businesses expand in the online space.

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Introduction to Developing Enums in Business Central

Business Central is phasing out the Option field and replacing it with enums (enumeration list). Learn to create an enum and add it to an existing table.

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How to Calculate and Display Net Promoter Score® in Power BI

Combine the powerful visualization tools of Power BI with the valuable information of your Net Promoter Score with this informative blog.

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Strategic Decision Making

Primo Payday, leverages your existing Business Central solution to integrate labor costs with your item ledger to calculate your Cost of Goods Sold.

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Innovia Team News

Innovia is happy to introduce our new Application Consultant, Krystle Conrad. Krystle comes to us from the manufacturing industry, where she held the position of Customer Service/Continuous Improvement Manager. With over 15 years of customer service experience and a Six Sigma certification, Krystle knows what it takes to boost customer satisfaction while streamlining company processes. Krystle has BC/NAV experience from the user side, implementing and training users from order to invoicing. Krystle lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, 4 children, and a mini zoo (2 dogs, 2 tortoises, 2 poison dart frogs, a disabled chameleon, and a crested gecko).

We are happy to announce Douglas Brown has been added to our IT team as our new Technology Consultant. Doug has worked for 18 years in software and IT support. Doug had a multifaceted role and worked with everything from customer training to software implementation, but his main specialty was customer service and IT. Doug lives in La Crosse, WI with his wife, Diane, and their dog Rosie. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, traveling, and board games.
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We are also happy to announce Teri O'Connell as one of our newest Customer Engagement Representatives. Teri will be working closely with our team to build our customer base.

Teri is basically a South Bend native (not born but a resident since 8yrs old) attending Saint Mary’s College and earning a BA in Sociology. Wanting to be in a client service role and supporting people, Teri has 27 years under her belt in the corporate travel world and comes to Innovia eager to support our team! In her spare time, she likes anything that causes her to be active and most things water-related: skiing, boating, sailing, and walking on the beach.

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Jenny Hollingsworth -
Senior Application Consultant/Mentor
16  years
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Tom Doran -
Chief Marketing
14 years
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Marlene Mankin -
7 years
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Brian Hines -
Chief Financial
5 years
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Tim Britton -
4 years


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