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Here at Innovia we are committed to providing free resources to help you get more out of your business investments. And that is why we are proud to announce our new Podcast called “The Innovia Conversation.” Each episode focuses on different aspects of running your business such as manufacturing, warehousing and your sales process to name a few. But the key element of this podcast is to show you how Microsoft solutions are available to help you increase the productivity of your business while saving valuable time and money.

You might recognize the hosts of the Innovia Conversation.  Steve Waltz and Jeff Pergolski from our customer engagement team have generously volunteered to lead the Podcast. We are excited to see what kind of content they come up with. Behind the Scenes we have Tim Britton editing and publishing each episode. In the days ahead expect to see many members of Team Innovia as special guests on the show. Along with other thought leaders in the Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV space.

Make sure you check out the first five episodes of the Innovia Conversation. Available now on your favorite Podcast platform (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.). Follow the link below to start listening today.

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The Future of Microsoft Office is Subscriptions

Has my support run out on my Microsoft Office Subscription? What do I do now? Who can I contact? Take a breath, you still have some time. Microsoft recently began notifying users about its plans to end support for standalone versions of Office (aka perpetual licenses) in October 2020. This means that these versions of Office (2010-2016) will no longer connect to all of the cloud services that you know and love. Follow the link to learn more.

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How to Bring Data to Life with Power BI

What is Power Bi you ask? It's a business analytics service that allows users to create and share impressive dashboards that highlight business performance and trends. It's been around a few years now. How can you get the most out of it? Read this blog as Jet Global will reveal this and more.


My Role as the Gatekeeper

Being the ERP Administrator is comparable to the role of Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper is the person in charge of a gate, usually to identify (count, supervise, etc.) the traffic or flow running through it. These 5 steps will help you to be the most effective ERP Administrator for your organization.


Happy Sellers are Better Sellers

Is your selling critique needing some improvement? With today's technology, selling hasn't been fun or easy. Why not? Read on as e-Con Solutions talks about the frustrations of today's salespeople. And take away some tips on how you can improve your selling critique. 

Innovia Team News
Gino Pack
We are happy to announce Gino Pack as one of our new Project Managers. With over 10 years of NAV experience, and his strong knowledge and passion for technology and helping others, Gino will be a great addition to the Innovia team. Gino and his wife Nadia live in the Chicago area with their dogs. They will be expecting their first child next month.
Tony Lessard - 200x200
Tony Lessard -Senior
Technology Consultant
13 years
John Grant - 200x200
John Grant -Senior
Application Consultant
11 years
Kevin Fons New Photo 2
Kevin Fons -Senior
Application Consultant
3 years
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Nintendo Mario Figural Calendar

  • Officially-licensed Nintendo merchandise
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What are 2 of the 5 steps to help you be the most effective ERP administrator for your organization?

  1. Clean your desk 
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Congratulations goes to Pam Conley, of St. Mary's Press, who won the Silk Magnetic Cable Manager.