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Our team had the pleasure to once again be a specialty sponsor of BCUG/NAVUG Focus. For those of you who don’t already know, Focus is an annual conference that aims to go deeper into your NAV system. The 90 minute sessions were taught by industry experts in areas such as finance and operations. These sessions were well attended and had a strong emphasis on the development environment of the new Business Central.

If you think Focus is a little technical for your needs, then we hope you will join us at BCUG/NAVUG Summit in October. Follow this link to learn more about what Summit is and how you can register. Contact your Innovia rep to learn how you can save more on registration with Innovia.  



Donavan Lane, CEO


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Commerce Network Challenges - from EDI to Fulfillment

July 10, 2018 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Join us for this session to learn how businesses have evolved, and how an expanded commerce network is putting tremendous pressure on growing businesses. 

This session will demonstrate how our managed service can help your business meet demands across the complete commerce network.


NAV Capacity Planning - An Overview

July 12, 2018 10 am CT / 11 am ET

In this session we will review the tools built into NAV to determine resource planning.   We will look at shop calendars, setting work center times and how all the settings calculate plant capacity.  


Jet Professional - An overview of real-time reporting solution

July 19, 2018 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Having trouble finding the right reporting tools for your business financials? Are you finding that Human error is to blame for your reporting? In this session we will discuss how Jet Professional can help manage all of your businesses reports and help cut out the headache you have been experiencing for some time due to too much manual processing.



July 24, 2018 10 am CT / 11 am ET

What is BCUG/NAVUG? Why should you be involved? What is the benefit of a User Group community? We will cover all of this and more during this webinar with Tonya Anderson.


Data clean up with Rapid Start in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

July 31, 2018 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET

Curious about RapidStart?  Is your data in need of cleaning up? 

With RapidStart in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Marlene will show you how to clean up data issues with the example of correcting wrongly entered Item Category codes. Join us in uncovering some of the mysteries of RapidStart and revealing how it can help your company in this three-part session.


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Discovery before Presentation

The excitement of getting a presentation, appointment or a demo is exhilarating for a lot of salespeople.  The problem is sometimes the salesperson loves their product or service a little too much.  So much so that they decide to make the whole sales process about how great the product or service is and why they should buy it.


4 signs your manufacturing business needs a configurator

A manufacturing business can always benefit from bridging sales, production and engineering so that a number of criteria can be met – which options are available for parts, which options may work with other options, which options may include other sub-options and the costs of these varying options. 


Integrating NAV with a 3rd party API

I recently finished a project that involves integrating NAV with a 3rd Party API.  This integration required sending/receiving xml documents via the REST service.  I haven’t been able to find a lot of information on this, so I thought I’d blog about my own experience. 


How to: Simplify service order scheduling with NAV

The Visual Service Scheduler (VSS), our visual dispatch board both for the service and the resource planning module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps planners allocate service orders to the service technicians.

As user of and/or partner reselling the VSS, you certainly appreciate the easy way you can shift Service Item Lines per drag & drop from the order backlog to the Gantt area, thus allocating the Service Item Lines to the desired resources.

Innovia Team News
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Please join us in welcoming Bryce Menadue to the Innovia Consulting family as a Development Consultant Intern. Bryce is 2 semesters away from earning his Associate’s Degree in Software Development at Mid-State Technical College in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin which is also where he resides. Bryce started his interest in computers and technology at a young age by playing video games and messing around with his dad’s computer. As he grew up, Bryce found a niche for technology. He could easily understand it and absorb it while still having fun. In his spare time Bryce enjoys weightlifting and outdoor activities.

Shiny New Gadget of the Month
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Crack open a good book...Light

  • Looks like an innocent journal when closed
  • Lights your desk or provides mood lighting
  • Shines one of five colors: white, red, green, blue, and purple
  • For all book lovers

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What is the meaning of VSS  in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV world?

  1.  Vital Signs Stable
  2.  Virtual Switching System
  3.  Visual Service Scheduler
  4. Virgin Space Ship
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Which one of the following is a high-demand extension for Dynamics NAV warehouse management?

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  2.  License Plating
  3.  Built - in features
  4.  None of the above

Answer: B

Congratulations go to Tara Langley, Culver Franchising System, who won the Star Wars Monopoly Game.