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Welcome to 2018 everyone!

When we first started over 34 years ago, technology companies had one thing in common: servers. Yes, those big, expensive, electricity sucking servers.  All your information could be stored in one location which had to be maintained and cooled. Well, we figured what better way to ring in the New Year than officially shutting down our very last on premise server! Yep, all of our data is officially in the “cloud”. No more electric bills and no more air conditioning costs. But the best part of utilizing our big, beautiful server room is that we have a new office now…one that has pretty front windows. 

Now that our servers have been shut down, I can just run my business.  And when my phone or PC locks up, all my information on Office or Dynamics 365 can be easily re-synced and running within minutes. Sounds awesome right?

Cloud computing promises to be a fundamental evolution in IT and Innovia Consulting can help! Enjoy lower costs, greater agility, and better resource utilization as part of your switch to Office and Dynamics 365. 

On behalf of Innovia Consulting we hope you have a great and productive 2018. 

Donavan D. Lane, CEO


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AR & Easy- A Complete Collections Solution

Feb 1,2017 10am CT / 11 am ET

In this webinar, we will cover a variety of powerful functions in AR & Collections Manager and Easy PDF. The Easy PDF tool that converts all sales and purchasing documents in NAV to PDF attachments and emails. We will also cover batch sending functions, the combination and additional functions of AR & Easy. Our expert speaker will host many more topics during this 45 minute webinar and Q&A session.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Solution for Dynamics NAV

Feb 8, 2017 10 am CT / 11 am ET

All growing companies are looking for a fast and easy way to access and organize their data. When it comes to reporting and analytics for NAV, this raises a series of important questions. “How do I easily get information from all my different data systems?” “Everybody has their ‘own’ version of the same report – how can I/we ensure data integrity?” “I don’t know data modeling, how do I use Power BI?” This webinar will answer all this and more. See why over 11,000 companies rely on Jet Reports for their reporting & BI needs. 

Cash Flow Forecasting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Feb 21,2017 10am CT / 11 am ET

Cash flow forecasting is essential for your business to survive. In this webinar we will show you how to easily setup cash flow forecasting. This will help you to predict the amount of money that you expect to flow in and out of your business.

Simplifying Electronic Payments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Feb 28, 2017 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Would you like to simplify your payment process? We will show you how to save time and money by utilizing Electronic Payments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Cash Management - Bank Integration

For several years, Dynamics NAV has offered bank integration using Bank Data Conversion Services provided by AMC-Consult A/S. While this is a great service, it is limited to less than 70 supported banks in the US. So, if your bank is not one of the supported banks, does this mean you miss out on this great functionality? Not at all! With this functionality, custom files can be mapped within Dynamics NAV for bank statement imports or Positive Pay exports.


Using Notifications in NAV

Communications within a company is something all of us face. How do you quickly get needed information to your co-workers? Where is an easy place to store that information so that everyone who needs to see it can? Many of us use email to accomplish that task. The problem with email is we have to see it when it comes into our inbox and then find it later when we stored it in that perfect folder that we can no longer find. Well Microsoft has put a simple system into Dynamics NAV called notifications which helps remedy these issues.

Partner Spotlight- Q & A with Innovia Consulting

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Innovia Consulting, a business consulting services firm recognized for delivering exceptional client service and innovative ERP solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With 33 years in the business, three locations in the Midwest and hundreds of business software implementations, the company’s ERP experts have helped customers in nearly every industry and of every size – from mid-market to Fortune 1000 enterprises.


How NAVUG Enriched My Dynamics NAV Knowledge

I have worked with Dynamics NAV (Navision) for 18 years. In that time, there have been a great many changes, both to the product and in the NAV community. One of the biggest struggles for most of our customers was how to find resources to help them get more from their system…without having to pay Innovia for consulting time! 

Nathan Peters - 200x200.jpg
Nathan Peters -Senior Development Consultant
11 years
Joseph Gress - 200x200.jpg
Joseph Gress -Senior Development Consultant
4 years
Shiny New Gadget of the Month

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

These are the Sushi of the Starship Enterprise

  • A sushi set that looks like the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series
  • The warp trails are really chopsticks and the saucer is a soy sauce dish
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!

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This Month's Question

When using notifications in NAV, how many users can be notified at once per note?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four or more
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Last Month's Answer

What is the correct formula to find your company's working capital?

  1. Total Sales - Cost of Goods Sold
  2. (Current Assets - Inventories) / Current Liabilities
  3. Inventory / Revenue
  4. Current Assets - Current Liabilities

Answer: D

Congratulations go to Melvin Ver, JK Findings, who won the R2-D2 USB Car Charger.