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Have you played with Dynamics Business Central yet?   If not, you should.  This is Microsoft’s platform going forward.  It is a major step forward in technology and a modern user interface.  Microsoft has made it easy to move to Business Central.  There is the ability to move to an “on-prem” version regardless of it being on servers at your offices or hosted in Azure.  There is the ability to move it to a true SaaS model.  With the use of the Intelligent Edge tool, migrating data from 2018 to BC is now done behind the scenes making that part of an upgrade much simpler.  The system is rock solid and best of all it is still the NAV code base that we are all familiar with.

Innovia will continue to provide more information on Business Central through our blogs, webinars and presentations at conferences.  For those of you on older version of NAV, Microsoft has provided a very inexpensive path to provide you a fully working version of BC.   You can contact your Innovia account manager for the details. 

It is time to take the plunge and start working with Business Central.  It is superior to all other mid-size business ERP systems.  The technology now allows for easier upgrades and provides an entirely new method for modifications.  This is the future. 

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Alan Wyne, CEO

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ERP...What is that?

Do you know your role as an ERP admin? What are my primary roles really? Maybe you don't realize just what those roles really are and where you fit in. Many titles are given to the role of ERP Administrator, such as the IT Manager, Business Analyst, System Manager or Admin, and in some companies CIO (Chief Information Officer) and of all of them, past and present, my favorite is NAV Admin.

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How do you get all your separate systems to work together?

Are you asking yourself, How do I get all my systems to work together? Why do I need multiple systems to do different things? Why can't the systems just work together? These questions and many others are what we get asked daily along with the unique scenarios. Most often the out-of-the-box tools just don’t cut it. 


Want More Intelligence from Your Business Intelligence Tools?

Do you want more from your business intelligence tools? Are you tired of underwhelming results?  Did you think you were getting a dashboard, when all you got was a web based list?  Microsoft Power BI is here to help!  Microsoft introduced Power BI in 2014.


Insight Works Moves Industry-Proven Add-Ons to AppSource for Use with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Are you having problems with your Add-Ons to AppSource with Dynamics 365 Business Central? Insight Works has provided us with some helpful information in this blog that will help you uncover those problems and the ease of adding your Add-Ons. Insight Works, is always keeping their finger on the pulse of the modern tech industry by way of powerful collaborations with industry leaders, including Innovia Consulting – leaders in the installation, customization, upgrading and support of NAV/Business Central environments, including network infrastructures 

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