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Barcode Scanning = Increased Warehouse Productivity

ProCat Distribution Technologies has helped hundreds of small to mid-sized warehouses across the United States for nearly two decades with hands-free barcode scanning software. ProCat's solutions are designed using a flexible, modular architecture. ProCat software modules build upon the PickRight solution, a barcode scanning platform that works together with other ProCat modules to provide comprehensive, end-to-end warehouse management. PickRight addresses the critical order picking function in the warehouse and is generally the first solution ProCat customers adopt.

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PickRight is hands-free barcode scanning software for distribution centers. Companies nationwide are benefitting from the immediacy and accuracy of PickRight. The easy to use and easy to learn solution with wrist-worn display and ring scanner has proven to achieve 99.9% order accuracy and a 90% reduction in customer claims. Pick-Right reduces labor costs while picker productivity increases between 20-40%. Customers report achieving a 100% ROI in less than one year. PickRight does not require a WMS and is usually installed 8 weeks from time of commitment. The fast and easy installation only takes 1 week. Deployment occurs one pick area at a time for minimal disruption to on-going operations. Pickers are fully trained in less than one shift. Recruiting workers is easier with PickRight since companies can hire workers with fewer skills. PickRight features easy to use picker prompts and allows for team picking or batch picking processes.

PickRight can accommodate 4 to 100 order pickers, so operations can easily scale up as a company grows. PickRight seamlessly integrates with all ERP systems and allows for real-time label printing. There are no additional charges for software updates or for support from our U.S. based help desk. For repack operations, PickRight allows for real-time package cubing. With PickRight, warehouses ship up to 25% fewer packages when pickers cube containers and ship less air because of better cubing.


  • Eliminate Picking Errors with 99.9% Accuracy
    • Scanning item UPC ensures accurate picking.
    • Correct picks are acknowledged with a chime.
    • Incorrect picks trigger a buzz tone alert.
  • Increase picker productivity between 20-40%
    • Eliminate paper pick tickets.
    • Batch picking, team picking, and zone picking functionality increase productivity by reducing walking.
    • On-screen prompting for next pick.
  • Real-Time Insight with Comprehensive Reporting Tools
    • Know actual pick rates for each employee
    • Real-time pick shift status reports by pick area
    • Access reports from any networked PC

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