A data-driven approach to business

Do you feel like you are running your business partially blind?

Trying to compete in today's market without a clear understanding of where you are going, what you need to do, and how well you are doing the things that need to be done is difficult. 

The situation becomes even more frustrating when you realize that your ERP, CRM, payroll, accounting, and other systems are producing mountains of data that require hundreds of man-hours to manipulate.  Because of this, the data is almost always summarizing the past and offers very little insight into what is going on now.

Do you need to convert your data into information?

The scenario described above is one with which all of our client struggle.  With the combined power of Innovia Consulting and our friends at Lachesis, we help you convert data into actionable, forward-looking information that your executives and managers need to more effectively run your business.

How can Lachesis help you?

The team at Lachesis combines decades of C-suite experience and business strategy with world-class skills in data management and technology architecture.  As a consulting partner of Innovia, Lachesis will help you identify key business processes, find the related data, and provide you with meaningful insights about those processes.  You will have access to top experts that will analyze key aspects of your business. 

Are you ready to take the next step?

Leveraging the power of cloud computing, Lachesis will help you make strategic and data-driven decisions that will positively impact your business.  Contact your Innovia Customer Engagement Specialist today, email, or call 800-834-7700 to learn more about a partnership with Lachesis. 

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