If your system needs improving, read on to learn how Innovia Consulting can help you upgrade to Business Central or re-implement NAV.

When a company is looking to upgrade to Business Central or re-implement NAV, there can be a sense of trepidation and fear in deciding to proceed. We see this all the time with our customers who don’t upgrade regularly. Many are running a version of NAV that is over 10 years old, and they are hesitant to upgrade because they remember how painful the original implementation was. There is a reluctance to go through all that again. It is a natural feeling. 

However, it needs to be made clear that an upgrade or re-implementation is not the same as a new install. 

If users are already using NAV, a version change will not present the challenge of learning new software. Once users realize that much of what they use today is still in the new system with just a different look, upgrading or re-implementing becomes much easier. 

Business leaders question the value of expending resources on improving a system that already works. What they need to consider is that software, like any other equipment, has a life cycle. Pushing a system past a certain point can pose a serious risk to ongoing operations. 

An upgrade or re-implementation guarantees businesses that their ERP system is modern, up to date, and ready to support the business for years to come. A modern ERP system can also offer new insights into their business, provide new efficiencies, and the ability to expand their system with modern tools. 

Every business runs on information, and an ERP system is an engine that provides that crucial information. Keeping a current and up-to-date ERP system helps companies maintain and grow. 

Don’t be afraid to be current. 

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Innovia Team News

Innovia welcomes Senior Application Consultant Mark Newman. Mark has over twelve years of experience in NAV/BC. Starting in the custom plastics compounding industry, he was able to leverage NAV and Jet Reports to support the strive for world-class service, operations, and quality. Since then, Mark has been working as a NAV/BC consultant with experience in all modules of the software and end-users needs. Mark enjoys the challenge of translating user and organizational requirements and processes into system inputs and outputs while working on adding meaningful value to clients.
In his downtime, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and two dogs in “America’s Coolest Small Town,” Lititz, PA. Mark is constantly rotating through new and renewed hobbies, but a few that are constant include home improvement projects, tinkering and breaking electronics, and biking indoors and out.


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