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When a company is looking at an upgrade to NAV or a re-implementation to Business Central, there can be a sense of trepidation and fear in making the decision to proceed.  We see this all the time with our customers who don’t upgrade on a regular basis. They have been running a version of NAV for 10 years or more and  it’s working well. They might remember the original implementation, which was painful. There is a reluctance to go through all that again. It is a natural feeling.

But it needs to be made clear that an upgrade or re-implementation is not the same thing as a new install. The users already use NAV, and in most cases a version change does not present the challenges of learning new software. Even moving to the modern client of Business Central does not provide the challenges of a new implementation. Once users are trained and realize that much of what they use today is still in the system with just a different look, the process of upgrading or re-implementing becomes much easier.

Finally, business leaders can question the value of improving what already works. What businesses have to remember is that software, like any other equipment, has a life. Pushing it past a certain point can add to the risk of ongoing operations.  It’s analogous to having a 10 year old delivery truck. Yes, it may still run ok, but do you really want to risk your deliveries on something that old and then be forced into a change when it does break?

An upgrade or re-implementation provides businesses with the knowledge that the ERP system is modern and ready to support the business for years to come. It can provide new insights into the business, efficiencies that were not available before, and the ability to expand the system with modern tools. A business grows on information.  An ERP system is the engine that provides all of the information. Keeping it current helps the business to maintain and grow.

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Alan Wyne, CEO

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Alan Wyne

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