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If most of your IT is still on-site, plan in 2022 to begin the digital transformation process.  

If you are still managing servers onsite, we suggest taking some time to learn the benefits that cloud-based servers can bring. The savings in time and cost can be significant. And a cloud-based server system provides top-level security, with reliable uptime, easy remote access, and automated server software updates. It removes the labor spent by internal IT staff managing servers and allows them to focus on more value-added projects for the company. The cost of monthly fees over a 3 to 5 year period is significantly less than continuing with on-premise servers.    

If you have not yet made the move to Business Central (BC), this is the year to start the planning. Microsoft continues to provide financial incentives for customers moving to BC. At the time of this newsletter, Microsoft had released BC 19. The road map for the next 5 years and beyond is strong with new and exciting enhancements. Once on BC, the cost of updates and upgrades drops significantly. BC provides the in-office or remote connectivity that all companies need.

Finally, the Microsoft Power Platform Suite of products provides end-users with the ability to craft reports, business applications, customer surveys, and more without formal training. Microsoft calls this “citizen programming” and it truly has become that. The Power Suite opens an entire world of possibilities for improving your business operations utilizing in-house staff.

Innovia has been preaching digital transformation for a few years now. Many of our customers have started the journey and are seeing excellent results. Our entire staff can help you navigate your journey from beginning to end. We are here to answer any questions. So give us a call; we'd be more than happy to discuss this in much more detail.

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Have a great 2022!

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Innovia Training Workshops

Currency and Exchange Rate Setup in Business Central

January 18 at 12 pm CT | Virtual | $195 - Per Company

Is your team facing challenges while trying to transact in multiple currencies? In this 3-hour workshop, we walk you through the process, from setup to processing and reporting.

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Creating a Flow With Power Platform Tools

Want to integrate data from across all your Microsoft applications? Power Platform allows you to access and automate your data for smoother operations and better decision-making with Power BI and Power Automate.

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8 Best Inventory Demand Forecasting Techniques

Is your company having trouble predicting how much inventory it should keep on hand? Does your company have a good inventory demand forecasting process? Learn the 8 Best Inventory demand forecasting Techniques to help your company maintain optimum inventory control.

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5 Reasons You Should Move to Windows 365

Have you heard about Windows 365 but wonder if it is worth the upgrade? The short answer is yes. Here are five reasons why you and your company should consider moving to Windows 365.

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Which Order Picking Technology is Right for Your Operation?

Warehouses and distribution centers are only as good as their order picking technology. However, choosing the correct picking technology can be difficult. Read this blog to learn about the four main types and which is right for your company.

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Innovia Team News
Introducing Innovia’s new Application Consultant, Andrea Riviezzo. Andrea comes from the consumer goods industry, where she held positions of Controller and ERP Manager. She has over ten years of accounting experience and six years of Business Central/ NAV experience as an end-user. Andrea is a strong advocate of user groups and has previously held positions such as Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Denver Chapter Leader, Planning Committee member, and other various committee positions. When she isn’t working, you can find Andrea powerlifting at her local gym, where she ranks 2nd or 3rd place for the bench, deadlift, and squat in her age category. She also loves spending time with her two kids, Theo and Zoe, and Zuko, their Rankin Dragon.
Mary Anniversary
Mary Malone -
Customer Engagement Specialist
2  years
William Mercado -
Senior Application Consultant
1 year
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