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For those of you looking to upgrade to Business Central in 2020, Microsoft has recently made an announcement on version availability.  The current versions of Business Central, Ver 15 and Ver 14, are still available for download and installation.  Normally when Ver 16 comes out in April of 2020 Microsoft will no longer allow the download of Ver 14.   Why is this important to you?

Business Central Ver 14 has 2 important features that will no longer be available in Ver 15 and beyond.  After Ver 14 Microsoft is discontinuing the Windows Client and CAL Code usage for On-Prem installations.  This means that all users for On-Prem installations will have to use the Modern Client (also known as the browser client).  It also means that all programming and modifications will have to be done in extensions and in AL code.  Both of these changes can have an impact on your users.

Now for the good news.  Microsoft has announced that Ver 14 will have extended availability to October 2020.   This provides all companies looking to upgrade, an additional 6 months to get the work started.   Once you download an upgraded license, you have 6 months to complete the transition.  After that you can still run the old version, but you can no longer add new ISVs, tables, code units or users to your old license.  It is important to plan for this timeline if you are considering an upgrade. Your Innovia account manager has all the details and can help you with any questions.

Innovia has had a fantastic year and it is all due to our customers.   We appreciate the trust you put in our work and the relationships that have formed over time.  We look forward to a great 2020 with all of you.   We wish you a very Happy New Year.

Best Regards,

Alan Wyne, CEO

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Innovia Team News
Amanda Ejiro
We are happy to announce Amanda Ejiro has joined our team as one of our Application Consultants. Amanda Ejiro has worked with Dynamics NAV for about 8 years. She worked with 2 large NAV partners in Africa (Nigeria & Kenya) and also worked with a major manufacturing company using NAV with branches across Africa and the UK. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Benson Idahosa University, Nigeria. Amanda enjoys traveling, cooking, shopping and spending time with her family.
Al Ekstrom

We are also happy to announce that Al Ekstrom has also joined our team as one of our newest Technology Consultants. He has been working with NAV since 2010 and has 10 years of experience in Non-Profits and Utilities. Al has a background in finance and accounting and will be leveraging his experience in his new role. Al and the love of his life Pam have been married for 26 years and have 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters together. In his personal time, Al enjoys spending time outdoors, especially mountain biking and hiking and spending time with his family.

We are also happy to announce Ward Furman has also joined our team as a Senior Development Consultant.  Ward has been working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 2003 with a heavy background in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Inventory Control modifications.  Ward attended the University at Buffalo where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science with focus on Software Engineering.  Ward and his wife Crystal have 3 children, ages 11, 13 and 15.  He is an avid bicyclist and motorcyclist who enjoys spending weekends in the mountains when not running the kids to competition swim meets.
Nathan Peters - 200x200
Nathan Peters -
Senior Development
13 years

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Why will you be glad you transitioned to Microsoft Teams?

  1.  Improved productivity of meetings
  2.  Easy-to-follow commands and functionality
  3.  A mobile app, plus better audio and video quality 
  4.  All of the above                   
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Last Month's Answer

What are 2 of the 5 major ways of integration?

  1. Real-time data access
  2. Automated Workflows
  3. Data Visualization
  4. One interface for reporting from any system

Answer: A & D

Congratulations to Pam Conley from St. Mary's Press who won the Tile Mate 2020.