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What Customers Expect from an eCommerce Site in 2021

As technology advances and online shoppers become savvier, they are less forgiving of lackluster site design and features. As a result, an unrelenting focus on user experience (UX) is key to a successful eCommerce venture. The shopper in 2021 has a set of expectations you have to meet to win their digital dollars consistently.

You aren’t alone in this challenge! K-eCommerce offers an agile, adaptable, and powerful platform with great user experiences built into its core. To develop our advanced eCommerce solution, we thought about what you need as a business and what your customers need. Our designers put themselves in the average consumer’s shoes to discover what works and what doesn’t.


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Here are just a few of the ways our platform focuses on providing an exceptional user experience.


When we think of web design, we usually think about the right colors, images, and layouts to make written content jump off the page. Engagement is the name of the game, and when it’s done right, your customers see your brand in a positive light. That’s why we offer you a full-featured set of design tools that allow anyone, not just web developers, to easily make the visual design and brand experience you want for your eCommerce site.

But don’t forget that design includes ensuring your site looks great on all devices. We call this approach “responsive design,” which allows your content to look fantastic no matter what size window your user uses. With k-eCommerce, you have ready-made themes already built to be responsive, so you never have to worry about what devices your customers are using.


Finding what you want to see is key to a great online shopping experience. If your customers can’t find the product they are looking for, do you think they will buy anything?

With full-featured search options, filters, and tags, k-eCommerce makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for so they can make their purchases and move on with their day.

Simplified Checkout

One of the metrics every eCommerce business should track is Cart Abandonment Rate. A high number of users not purchasing items added to their carts could indicate a problem. To prevent this problem, k-eCommerce makes checkout as streamlined and painless as possible with auto-completion of information for returning customers and a single-page checkout experience. By removing barriers to a completed transaction, your abandonment rate stays as low as possible.


The best customer service response is the one the customer can get for themselves. That’s why we help you build a feature-rich customer self-service portal, where customers can check order status and answer other routine questions without involving your team, freeing them up for more critical tasks.

It’s Not Just UX—Find Out How k-eCommerce Prepares You for the 2021 Marketplace

We hope this exploration of the UX considerations we take has sparked new ideas in your mind about what you can achieve with your eCommerce site. UX is a critical factor that will differentiate successful online sellers from those left behind in 2021, but it isn’t the only factor we think will be necessary.

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As part of Mediagrif’s e-commerce sector of activity, k-eCommerce products offer all-in-one e-commerce and payment solutions integrated to Microsoft Dynamics et SAP Business One. Since 1999, we have been assisting companies with their digital transformations. k-eCommerce simplifies and accelerates online sales and payments, offering businesses of all sizes a complete omnichannel e-commerce solution supporting both B2B and B2C engagement. k-eCommerce has offices in Northville, MI and Montréal, Canada.

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