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April saw our annual Innovia Customer Conference come and go.  By any measure it was a resounding success. 93 attendees were present coming from over 40 customers. 17 ISV’s were there to work with customers and present their solutions. And there were 24 deep dive sessions covering a wide range of topics.  We started the day with a keynote from David O’Bryan at Microsoft talking about their future plans and ended the day with a large customer appreciation dinner.  If you haven’t attended the customer conference in the past, we urge you to join us at our next conference on Notre Dame's Campus in 2020.

My favorite part of the conference was watching customers interact with each other.  There was plenty of time to learn from other customers about their approaches to accomplishing tasks in NAV or Business Central. It is this community that Innovia works hard to foster within our own customer base and within NAVUG. If you are not a member of NAVUG I highly recommend you join and take advantage of the community.  It is where you will find answers to many of your questions.

I want to thank all of you that came to our conference.  Without you, we would not have our growing business and we would not be in a position to help bring many of you together.  For those of you who came this year, I hope the conference was enjoyable and you were able to take away valuable insights. I have included the link below for our 2020 Customer Conference registration. It is my hope that you will join us once again in 2020 for this free day of training and networking with your NAV / Business Central colleagues. 

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Assembly vs. Production - An Overview

Assembly vs. Production BOM's, what's the difference? A Bill of Material (BOM) defines the manufacturing or production of an item comprised of sub-components.  It can be difficult to decide whether to use Production or Assembly BOMs when managing your inventory. In this blog we discusses the high-level differences between these two approaches and gives examples on how to set them up. 

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Traffic, Engagement and Conversions - Setup a Successful B2C Store with eShop

How are you going to drive the right kind of audience with your new website to promote your new product? Learn how eShop can help your business grow with our fully Integrated eCommerce product for B2B and B2C. And how we can leverage our expertise in providing the best solution for your business. 


For the Love of NAV!

Are you a part of a network community? The interaction you do with your peers and contemporaries needs to be the right fit. I am grateful for a dear friend and mentor in the NAV space, Cynthia Priebe. Read on as Holly shares her Love for NAV, and why she is so passionate about it. 

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Technology Solutions to Help the Aging workforce in Food Distribution

If you are part of the food distribution industry, it is likely that you have a highly experienced yet aging workforce. While there is no doubt that the aging workforce has a lot to offer in terms of their skills, their maturity, and dedication, they are in some instances uncomfortable to accept change or get along with new trends, for example, being able to understand and use new technologies. 

Innovia Team News
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We are happy to announce Traci Bergitzer has joined our team as an Application Consultant. Traci began her career as an end user and has now advanced to consulting. She has a background on both the customer and consulting sides of NAV, with over 15 years of experience and over 25 years of Accounting and Payroll experience. Traci is originally from Cleveland, OH and now resides in Holiday, FL with her husband and pets. In Traci's down time, she enjoys the sandy beaches of Florida, boating, camping and motorcycle riding with her husband.
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35 years
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Erik Zimmerman -
Technology Consultant
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