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Innovia Consulting is a proud member of NAVUG, the leading Dynamics NAV User Group. NAVUG brings NAV users together to exchange knowledge and experience success.

NAVUG is a community of professionals, like you, using Dynamics NAV. The user group brings users to the forefront of technology problem solving by allowing them to share their ideas and solutions. Tens of thousands of users call this community home and utilize the following resources to exchange knowledge, exhibit leadership, explore solutions and expand their networks:

• User-led virtual training sessions
• Local User Group Meetings
• Online Q&A Forum
• Advanced workshops (Academy)
• In-Person Conferences and Events

NAVUG is an important information source for the users of Dynamics NAV. Coupled with the support we can provide; you will experience success by getting involved with NAVUG. The cost-effective organizational membership allows all NAV users in your organization to get involved and experience the value of a community powered by users for users.

Dynamic Communities User Group Special offer for Innovia Clients:

  1. Summit: Continue your professional development and networking at Summit 2018 in Phoenix AZ on October 15-18.  It is the largest Dynamics User Group Conference in the world. Innovia is pleased to offer you 10% discount off the current Summit registration price, when you register with the coupon code “PRPInnovia”.
  2. Membership: Not a member of the Dynamics User Groups yet? Join now with the coupon code “PRPInnovia” and receive 20% discount on a NEW User Group membership.  Hurry, offer expires June 30, 2018.


Donavan D. Lane, CEO


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Automating Tax Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

May 3, 2018 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Many of today’s most successful businesses are turning to automation as a strategy for growth, resource management and business process optimization. Tax compliance automation is no exception, and all types and sizes of companies, including yours, stand to benefit. 

What NAV has to offer in Warehouse Management System (WMS)

May 10, 2018 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Are you looking at gaining more control over your warehouse operations and tightening up your inventory management? This webinar will review what warehouse management capabilities are inherent in NAV and what additional capabilities can be found in third-party solutions. 

EDI Made Simple for Dynamics NAV – Integration Without Embedded Customization

May 16, 2018 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET

Dynamics NAV customers have options when it comes to EDI or XML integration solutions, but without the right preparation and expertise the effort can be expensive and complicated. Knowing the right questions to ask and best practices of successful implementations can help you decide on the right integration path for your company. Join us for this critical information and leave being able to turn EDI and eCommerce into a strategic advantage at your organization.

Dimensions 101

May 17, 2018 10 am CT / 11 am ET

Are you currently using Dimensions? Did you know they are not just for Financial Reporting? 

Even though Dimensions are primarily used in reporting financial information, did you know that they can be used to report on critical data for Customers, Vendors, Items, Resources and Jobs? 
Dimensions in Dynamics NAV can be attached with master records to report such information as Customer or Vendor type, sales region, commodity code, Item type or category, resource groups and Job type categorization…. 


A Robust eCommerce Solution with Real-time Integration to NAV and D365

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that is what we strive to achieve here at Dynamics eShop. When we designed eShop, we had one thought - To create an eCommerce solution that truly and completely integrates with Dynamics NAV in Real-time and has a simple User Interface.  For all the benefits we know that only a true integration brings in the business. So, we had to find the right motivation to fuel the purpose.


NAV Upgrades 101 - Part 1

Farmers Insurance uses the slogan “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” At Innovia Consulting, we can say the same thing when it comes to Dynamics NAV upgrades. In this blog, I will discuss the different pieces of Dynamics NAV upgrades and talk about some real world examples of how things can go haywire. At Innovia Consulting, we use a systematic approach to performing Dynamics NAV Upgrades. The steps in this process include a pre-upgrade database analysis, the handling of add-ons and modifications, determining where to do the upgrade, handling security, testing and going live.


NAV 2018 Top 5 for Sales

Since the release of NAV 2018 last month we have been having a blast trying out all the new features. Because there are so many different types of NAV users, I made three different lists of my favorite features for Sales, Accounting, and IT. There are some overlaps because some of the new or improved features will be popular with more than one group.


Who is changing critical data in Dynamics NAV?

You know the drill. Someone from IT gets the call – “I need to know who changed the vendor address” – or “I need to know who deleted these customers”. Every business knows it is vital to know who is making changes in NAV. There are lots of reasons for knowing who is making critical changes, not least of which is fraud. Many times, incorrect data changes aren’t malicious, but they can still be harmful to your business. It is important to find and fix these with training or access restrictions.

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Tony Lessard - Senior Technology Consultant
12 years
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Erik Zimmerman- Technology Consultant
8 years
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